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2021 June 12 Transcendentalism and European Modernish - with FOMA Dana Robbat
2021 June 19 Slavery in Lincoln - with Bemis Lecture Series Elise Lemire
2019 Oct 6 Women's Suffrage 100 Years Ago Barbara Berenson
2019 June 2 The Flint Homestead Rick Wiggin & Flint Family
2019 Feb 24 An Evening with Abigail Adams, sister of Captain William Smith Sheryl Faye
2018 Nov 11 100th Anniversary of End of WWI Don Hafner, Rick Wiggin, others
2018 May 6 Past and Present Agriculture in Lincoln  
2018 Jan 28 Lincoln's Schools and Who Was Joseph Brooks, Anyway? Jack MacLean
2017 Nov 12 Marriage is Taxing: The Stamp Act and Marriage. Martha Lufkin
Walter Bossert
Donald Hafner
2017 May 7 "Letters" between Captain William Smith and Sister Abigail Adams Donald Hafner
Fiona Stevenson
2017 Apr 2 William Smith, Captain: Life and Death of a Soldier of the American Revolution.  Book signing and talk by Prof. Donald L. Hafner. author of a biography of the Captain of the Lincoln minute men in 1775,   William Smith's sister was Abigail Adams. Donald Hafner
2017, Jan 29 Mysteries from Lincoln's Past - Police Blotter Police Chiefs
2016 Nov 5 Tour of Wheeler House on Bedford Road  
2016 Oct 23 Wheeler Family and Farm and the Birth of the RLF Jack MacLean
2016 May 15 50 Years of METCO in Lincoln Multiple
2016 Mar 12 Hoover Book Signing Hoovers
2016 Jan 31 Lincoln Authors and Exhibit at Town Offices Lincoln Authors
2016 Jan 17 Sailing on the Hermione Adam Hodges-LeClaire
2015 Oct 4 Tour of the Flint House Jack MacLean
2015 May 3 Annual Meeting and Program - The Flint Farmhouse Jack MacLean
2015 Feb 1 Life in Lincoln during World War II.    Recipes.    Writeup John Cowles
2014 Nov 23 Uncle Sam Needs You: Why Then, How Now?  The changing nature of the draft and the changing nature of warfare. Andrew Tabak & Randy Bergeron
2014 May 26 War Memorial Book.  Details. Memorial Day
2014 May 4 Wang Labs and the Lincoln Community.  Technology Series Ed Grayson
2014 Mar 9 Strong Hands and a Willing Heart - The Diary of James Chapin. Lincoln Historical Society
2014 Feb 2 Historical Records in the Digital Age: Online Archives for All Marie Wasnock,
Tom Blake
2013 Oct 20 Thermo-Electron - Technology Series    (video link) John Hatsopolis
2013 Oct 6 History Hike in Adams Woods.  Map Jason Felsch
2013 May 5 The History of Conservation in Lincoln.  History Document. Beth Ries, Buzz Constable
2012 Dec 2 Conservator TaMara Conde on the Arbor Vitae Cemetery.  At Drumlin Farm. TaMara Conde
Susan Harding
Rick Wiggin
2012 Oct 21 Lincoln and the War of 1812 (200th anniversary).
Mark the bicentennial of the War of 1812 with Prof. Robert Allison of Suffolk University.  His lecture will sketch the conflict, its causes and its impact.
Robert Allison
2012 Oct 7

Enjoy a "history hike" around Lincoln Hill. 

Jason Felsch
2012 May 6 Annual Meeting & History of Lincoln's Water System Rob Todd, Harry Hoover, Andy Cole
2012 Mar 25 Lincoln Historical Society Birthday Party and Quiz John Cowles
2012 Jan 29 Ken Olsen Documentary and Panel Discussion Win Hindle, Jack MacLean, Dan Tymann
2011 Oct 16 Farrington Memorial History and Tour Susan Taylor
2011 May 22 Library Archives Marie Wasnock, Jack MacLean, Terrie Wallace
2011 May 1 Forgotten Lincoln Heroes & Untold Tales of the Revolutionary War Rick Wiggin
2011 Mar 13 It Began with a Pickle:  The Development of Lincoln's Commercial Area Jack MacLean
2010 Nov 10 America at War: Patriotic Poster of WWII George Seeley
2010 May 16 A History of New England's Stone Walls Robert M. Thorson
2009 Dec 6 Antique Appraisals: Bemis Hall Doug Stinson
2009 Nov 1 Lincoln Library Archive Re-opening.  Elise Lemire on her book Black Walden. Lincoln Library, LHS
2009 May 3 Traveling the Road to Ruins: Roland Robbins' Archaeological Story Professor Donald Linebaug
2009 Mar 8 Center School 100th Anniversary Jack MacLean, Rob Todd, Harry Hoover
2008 Nov 9 Strong Hands and a Willing Heart: The journal of James Loin Chapin, a Lincoln farmer Jane Langton
2008 Mar 30 Artifacts from Gettysburg:  The Civil War Collection of the Carlisle Historical Society Dr. Paul Carpenter
2007 Nov 4 Passages in the Life of an Unpractical Man: The life and work of Frederick Law Olmsted Gerry Wright
2007 April 19 Women Patriots and the Events of April 1775 Jeanne Bracken
2006 Oct 29 Six Myles of Land Square: The history of the original connections between the lands of Concord and Lincoln Staff of The Concord Museum
2006 May 4 The History of the Gropius House: A presentation and evening tour Staff of Historic New England
2006 Mar 19 Keeping the Flame Alive: The Lincoln Minute Men Then and Now LHS and The Lincoln Minute Men
2005 Oct 30 History Cut in Stone: Images from the Town's four cemeteries Fred Tingley
2005 Oct 3 Family Hunt for History.  A hunt among various historic sites throughout town. Lincoln Historical Society and Lincoln Recreation Department
2005 April 3 Lincoln Then and Now: The Evolution of Lincoln's Buildings Jack MacLean
2005 Mar 6 Down Memory Lane, Path, or Road.  The Development of Lincoln's Roads Kerry Glass
2004 April 4 Silly Songs and Spoofs.  A lighthearted musical review of Lincoln over the last 50 years Directed by Barbara Sisson
2004 Mar 21 Seeds of Separation.  A dramatization of the debates leading to the incorporation of Lincoln, composed in honor of the town's 250th anniversary celebration
2003 Oct 22 The History of the Drumlin Land Rob Todd
2003 April 27 The Houses of R.D. Donaldson.  The achievements of a devoted citizen and builder of homes in Lincoln. Robert Loud
2003 Mar 23 The Life and Times of A. Henry Higginson.  Presented at the former Higginson estate, today's Thoreau Institute. Robert Anderson
2002 Nov 3 Stewardship John Kerr
2002 April 28 Lincoln's Living History Project.  A video documentary of the reminiscences of 28 Lincolnites Doris Bardsley
2002 Mar 10 50 Years of Life in the Rear View Mirror.  A continuation of the conversation. Martha DeNormandie
2001 Nov 11 A Lincoln Time Machine John Hammond
2001 Sep 20 Helen Storrow: Lincoln Legend.  Presented at the former Storrow House (today's Carroll School)
2001 April 8 Lincoln's Old Home Movies: 1920-1960 Footage from Robinson-Sawtell and Conant-Storrow families
2000 Nov 12 Four Decades of Medical Practice in Lincoln Dr. Gordon Winchell and Dr. Charles Keevil
2000 Oct 22 50 Years of Life in the Rear View Mirror Martha DeNormandie
2000 April 2 The Life and Times of Captain William Smith, 1740-1787, Captain of the Lincoln Minute Men Michael Ryan
2000 Mar 12 19th and 20th Century Homes and History Pamela Fox
1999 Nov 21 Thoreau in Lincoln:  Thoreau's intimate relationship with the land in Lincoln. Brad Dean
1999 Oct 17 Scavenger Hunt for History.  A hunt through the town's historic town center for children grades K-5.  
1999 May 16 And Now For The Rest of the Story.  A continuation of the reminiscences. Lincoln's Public Safety officials.
1999 April 11 Echoes from the Bridge.  The historic Battle Road route of April 19, 1775 Edward Flint
1998 Nov 15 Lincoln's Faces & Places of the 40's and 50's.  Photographs by archaeologist and photographer Roland W. Robbins.   Geraldine Robbins
1998 Oct 18 A House for the Town: A Celebration of the Old Town Hall's 150th Anniversary. Jack MacLean
1998 Feb 15 50 Years of Public Safety Former Chiefs of Police Leo Algeo and Alan Bowles